A hail locator is quite simply a contractor’s ally. During storm season there can be an average of 3000 hail storms across the U.S., this is a massive number of storms concentrated into the space of four months, which is when storm season gets into high swing.

With hail stones ranging so dramatically in their size and the damage they are capable of inflicting, there is a chance that a hail storm will not cause significant damage that would require a contractor. That being said there are certainly enough storms to keep a contractor busy.

During storm season hail storms cause a huge amount of damage. The estimated cost of that damage sits at about a billion dollars. With the damage to crops and property, it is understandable that it should be that high.

The damage that is caused by hail storms is nothing to think positively about, but if you are a building contractor and your services are needed more during this time then that isn’t really a terrible thing. But the same is true of all contractors, and competition during the season can be fierce so you cannot be caught sleeping. This is why a hail locator is a serious boon for roofing and building contractors.

A hail locator is a simple online service. The free services that can be found online can be extremely useful for determining when a storm is going to hit and how bad it is going to be, but as a contractor you want more information than this.

You want to know exactly how severe the storm is, you want to know exactly where it hit, and you want to know exactly how bad the damage is, because with this information you can then go straight to the property owners and offer your skills and services to fix any damage that has been caused by the storm.

So while the free hail locators are fine, you would be wise to invest in a good hail locator so that you can get the inside track on your competitors. With competition of work fiercer than ever, if you are able to get there first, you may walk away with the business, and this is nothing to sneeze at. If you have never used a hail locator before, it is quite simple and easy to navigate.

If you wisely decide to sign up and register for a paid for online hail locator then when you want information about hail storms all you need to do is log in. The main map screen will then appear with the whole map of the US front and center. Along the sides of the page are the various data settings you can use.

You can search using a certain area. This allows you to hone in on a particular city, suburb and street if you want to. You can also choose what kind of view you would like, be it a road view, a satellite view or a standard map view.

southlakecharleshail02Once you click on one of them a white area will come up over the map, with a lot of information, by clicking on an individual tab or report you can focus even more on a certain area and a point will show you where this is on the map.

A hail locator can also be used to search for past storms. With a good hail locator you can go back as far as five years and the site will have all the information about all the hail storms during that time. You can search for storms over the course of 24 hours, or you can search for storms over the course of a week or month.

Logically this is going to be invaluable information. With the hail locator able to tell you, not only where and when a storm is going to hit, but also how severe it will be, this alone is enough to make it useful to contractors. But it can also give you a history of the storms in the area.

This means that you can work out the areas that are generally worst affected by hail storms. You are then able to focus your efforts in this area and build your business. A hail locator is a simple enough tool to help you, help others and yourself.